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Michael Gogolin was born in 1962 in Vologda (Russia). The higher music education on a speciality choral conducting (a class of professor E.I.Sedova) and a trade of the composer has received in Petrozavodsk conservatory in Edward Patlaenko's class.

After the termination in 1991 of conservatory it worked as the teacher of chair of choral conducting of Krasnoyarsk institute of arts. Since 1994 teaches at the Vologda pedagogical university. Is a member of the Union of composers of Russia.

Gogolin writes easily, easy and, certainly, in an original way. To it are subject as difficult, conceptual musical projects, and children's vocal and choral opuses. Choral music in general in its creativity takes rather important place. One of the first known and popular cyclic compositions of the composer of "Stanza" (1990) has already strongly won success as on a performing platform, and has filled up with itself pedagogical luggage of the teachers-chorus masters teaching choral disciplines in many High schools of Russia. It cooperates with various choral collectives among which is such as chamber chorus of Academy of music of a name of Gnesinyh, chorus of Petrozavodsk conservatory, chamber chorus of a city of Troitsk (Moscow Region), Krasnoyarsk chorus "Academy", man's chamber chorus of the Vologda philharmonic society, female chamber chorus "Junona" and many other things.

It is possible to allocate Michael Gogolin choral compositions in some basic directions: these are choral cycles on verses of Russian and West European poets, compositions on spiritual subjects, processings and products kantatas-oratorios a genre. Among the last it is necessary to name cantatas: "Evening church chanting" on A.Bloka's verses(1990), "Sulamita" on the text from bible "Songs of Songs" (1992), "soul Gardens" on N.Gumilev verses(1996) , "Daniel" on the text of the poem of M.Tsvetaeva with the same name (1998). The big place in the given genre is occupied also with compositions on spiritual texts: "Missa" (1991), "Gloria" (1992), "the Christmas cantata" on the text of an orthodox Christmas canon (1993), "Litania" (1994), "The Liturgical cantata" on the text of psalm of David (1995), "Magnificat" (1997), "To You God we praise" (1998), "Greater Doxology" (2002).

In the choruses the composer aspires to transfer inner meaning of a poem without excessive detailed elaboration and airs. He well knows and precisely feels the choral invoice, traditions of cult orthodox and Catholic music, owns modern means of the composer statement.

Besides choral music the composer posesses a number of orchestral products, compositions for a piano, a chamber orchestra, a bayan, a violin, vocal music. Its symphonic products were executed Karelian and Krasnoyarsk by philharmonic orchestras. From the executors constantly cooperating with Michael Gogolin, it is possible to name soloists of the Vologda philharmonic society of pianists Robert Oganjan, Irina Bogomolova, piano duet Irina Kokina and Lyudmila Andreeva, singers Victor Kuznetsov, Natalia Pohachevsky, Elena Tikhonova, Sergey Kalinov and others. The long-term creative friendship connects the composer with a chamber orchestra of the Vologda philharmonic society for which panel he rose time and again, and its head, violinist Alexander Loskutov.

Many compositions of Gogolin are written and devoted already mentioned collectives and soloists of the Vologda philharmonic society. Among them such as: "Duetto" for a piano, a violin and string, a symphony №3, concerts for man's chorus "Before door Your temple" and "Kolokoly-balaboly", "the Polyphonic suite" for two pianos and others.

Some years the composer fruitfully cooperate with Troitsk chamber chorus (Troitsk Moscow Region) under control of Alexey Maliy who popularizes products of the composer as in Russia, and abroad.

Spiritual and secular plays of Gogolin performed by collective sounded in Bulgaria and Italy. Now the Troitsk chamber chorus prepares a compact disc with products of the composer, and also the collection of choral products of Michael Gogolin "From repertoire of Troitsk chamber chorus".